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Workshop: "Finding the Soul’s Purpose in the Natal Chart" with Ellen Bourn, January 24, 11 AM - 4 PM

One’s natal chart is your Soul’s portrait. This course will teach you how to discern your Soul’s Purpose based on the energy your Higher Self chose to bring forth to the Earth Plane at the moment of your birth. What are the lessons to be learned in this lifetime? How does one dissolve Karmatic patterns? How does one work with Archangelics to heal patterns that can continue to repeat? This workshop will address these issues by studying a brief introduction to Kabbalah and Astrology. Charts will be interpreted based on these factors. The Nodes and Pars Fortuna will also be included. It will be demonstrated how transits can unlock the keys to this system. You will learn which Archangels to call on for assistance; this information can be very valuable for yourself and your clients! Ellen Bio:

Rev. Ellen Bourn is world-renowned for her incomparable accuracy in her work with spirit. She began her career as an R.N., practicing her medical intuition, then later served her community as a Reverend, Medium and Master Astrologer. As the former President of the Lily Dale Assembly, she has dedicated her life to bringing Love and Light of the Spiritualist Community to people everywhere.


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