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Saturday, February 2nd - from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm  • $20

International Academy of Astrology  - 26052 Detroit Rd., Westlake OHIO 44145

New Moon Gathering.  Includes the New Moon chart analysis, it’s anticipated expression, overview for moon phases unfolding and key dates to watch for the month. Learn what all this means and how the luminaries are aligning to make a difference in YOUR life (based on your sun sign). Handouts provided. Discussion. 11:00 am – 1:00 pm • $20

Saturday, February 2nd - from 1:30 - 5:00 pm •  $35

International Academy of Astrology  - 26052 Detroit Rd., Westlake OHIO 44145

A Look At the Month Ahead at what it will bring for YOU and our World.  Includes the monthly forecast of the signicant

planetary and zodiacal changes, alignment and expression of inuential energies anticipated for month ahead. Learn of key

dates and signicant transits to watch for and how these may inuence YOUR weeks ahead (based on your sun sign).

Handouts provided. Discussion. • 1:30 – 4:30 pm A Look at World Events.  Chart analysis of current world leaders and/or events. • 4:30 – 5:00 pm

Intermediate to Advanced Level of Astrological Understanding helpful.

Saturday, February 2nd - from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm •  $48

International Academy of Astrology  - 26052 Detroit Rd., Westlake OHIO 44145

Both the New Moon Gathering and A Look At the Month Ahead at what it will bring for YOU and our World.  See Above.

What to bring:  Your Natal Chart, ‘Solar Wheels for the Year of 2018' from previous sessions, pen,


Diane is a practicing Astrologer at The Healing Choice Wellness Center (Wicklie, OH), speaking monthly at the International Academy of Astrology,

IAA (Westlake, OH) and currently the Secretary of The Lake County Astrological Association, LCAA Board (Willoughby Hills, OH).

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IISAR’s Consulting Skills Training

Cleveland, OH area on November 9-11, 2018.


Add to your personal consulting style and education by taking ISAR's unique Consulting Skills Training course. This course is a required component for ISAR CAP certification and is accepted toward certification by the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA).


We know you recognize the need for astrologers to be both sensitive and responsive to the emotional needs of our clients. Too often in our work, we astrologers generally deliver information only, without much awareness of the client in the here and now from his or her own narrative. ISAR’s Consulting Skills training teaches a repertoire of skills that help us to make working with astrology clients personal and meaningful.


Without listening and empathy skills, it is difficult to access this subjective level of the client’s world and to respond to a client’s emotions while interpreting the astrology chart. ISAR’s consulting skills are designed to train astrologers to communicate information from the chart in a way that is effective, immediate and relevant for the client. We hope you will consider taking part in this personal training experience.


About the training:

ISAR’s Consulting Skills Program is a 16-20 hour intensive training that is designed to teach with practice the astrologer’s listening and empathy skills that facilitate the astrologer-client relationship. This 2 1⁄2 day training is primarily experiential, emphasizing role-playing exercises that teach empathic communication, reflection, paraphrasing, and active listening. When integrated with the basic principles of chart interpretation, these skills provide astrologers an ability to effectively respond to their clients’ most personal thoughts and feelings. In this way, astrologers help clients feel better understood. Attendance in all three days is required to participate. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and credit toward ISAR certification. The training is a requirement for ISAR certification, but whether or not ISAR certification is your goal, this is your opportunity to develop a client-centered consultation style.


When: Friday evening, November 9, 2018, from 7 pm to 10 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, November 10 & 11 from 9 am to 6 pm.

Where: Holistic Health and Healing Center of Cleveland, 15522 Madison Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Space available: ONLY 5 openings still available. Training is limited to nine participants.

Cost: $350.00 paid via ISAR secure website or paste/click this link in your browser


Generally, ISAR only sponsors this training at major conferences and select cities around the world and in the United States. If you are traveling from outside the Cleveland area, hotel accommodations are easily accessible and reasonably priced. There are also a number of active AirBnB’s (44107 or 44116 Zip Codes) and transportation by Lyft and Uber are easily available. Our office in Lakewood is only 20 minutes from Cleveland International Airport (CLE).


If interested or you want more details, contact Richard Smoot at (734) 389-5014, email: or Victoria at (216) 659-6886, email:

Phase Astrology - Using The 8 Phase and 12 Phase Systems with Richard Weber
International Academy of Astrology, Cleveland Center

26052 Detroit Rd, Westlake, OH 44145-2427

Saturday, September 15, 2018
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: $50.00 /per person

In this workshop we will be looking the 8 Phase and 12 Phase systems to see how they can give a much deeper understanding of astrology charts and how this can help with chart delineation. First we will look at the meaning of each phase of the 8 Phase and 12 Phase systems. From there we will combine these phase charts to see what these combined phase cycles represent. Next will see how they apply to personal charts to see what new information is given to help with chart delineation. We will then look at the application of Phase Astrology to your personal natal charts, progressions, and transits. This is the first of seven workshops explaining the use of phase astrology with personal charts and mundane astrology looking at the Outer Planets and their effect.

Richard has been studying Astrology for over 20 years and reading charts for over 10 years. Astrology has been a tool that he has used to help him understand himself, relationships he has been in, and help him through life events. Presently he has a thriving practice as entertainment for parties, working psychic fairs, giving private readings, giving readings through an online service, writing articles for the “Body Mind Spirit Guide”, was Events Coordinator for the local NCGR chapter, and has been a founding co-director of the Great Lakes Astrology Conference since its inception in 2013.


LCAA member Diane Trimbath workshop: every first Saturday of a month in 2018:

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Melinda's Psychic Fair October 7th 

Melinda's Psychic Fair is Sunday, October 7th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Yorktown Lanes Banquet Room, 6218 Pearl Rd. in Parma Hts., OH.  Featuring NE Ohio's most beloved and respected readers and healers.  Plus shop for crystals, stones, jewelry, salt lamps, candles, oils, books and magical products!  FREE ADMISSION!   Reader spots are full. To be a vendor, contact Melinda at

 VENDORS:  It's Your Journey (crystals, salt lamps & more), Raven Faery (oils, bath salts), Goddess Blessed (Tarot, candles & more) and Melinda's Positive Products (magical products, crystals & more).

More information here

LCAA member Melinda Carver has won an international award: she is a Silver Winner of the 21st Annual COVR Visionary Award in the category "Personal Growth/Self-Help" for her book "Get Positive Live Positive: Clearing the Negativity from Your Life". Congrats, Melinda!

Buy the book here.

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LCAA member's book 
Helen Kolada

"Gardening by the Silvery Moon"

To order:

For more information email:


Congratulations to Richard Smoot on receiving 2018 Marion D. March Regulus Award for community service! 
LCAA now has two members awarded this Oscar of Astrology: Ena Staley also holds this prestigious award for astrological education (2012).

Check out monthly horoscopes written for Bon Appetit and Domino magazines by LCAA member Catherine Urban:

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