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What to Expect When You're Expecting Your First Pluto Return - November 16th 7PM EST via Zoom; $15

What to Expect When You're Expecting Your First Pluto Return -  Juliet   Stephenson As the future unfolds, it often holds within it the echoes of the past.    Looking back into history can help us to get prepared for what to expect   as Pluto approaches a return 27 Capricorn, a point it occupied during the   American Revolution.  This lecture will explore links between events that   occur during Ptolemic transits of the United States' Natal Pluto.   Decisions made at these key points set the stage for future events.  Mark   Twain may have said it best: " History doesn't repeat itself, but it often   rhymes."

Juliet Stephenson is a second generation astrologer with a childhood that included total immersion in Bullfinch's Mythology and frequent reminders that her Sagittarius Moon was showing. She also has more than thirty years of experience at reading the Tarot & almost a decade under her belt as a Reiki Master Teacher. A decade ago, Juliet channeled the energy of a Pluto transit(s) into an long distance hike. She's now an avid hiker turned tutor, mentor, and lecturer for would-be long distance hikers. Surviving her transit(s) relatively unharmed, Juliet has turned her attention to how the Pluto cycle affects nations. She uses Astrology, and a quirky sense of humor to give a unique spin on historical events.


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