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UNDERSTANDING YOUR LUNAR RETURN with Eva Starr: March 22nd at 7:30 PM via Zoom

LCAA Monthly Meeting: free for members, $10 for guests (register on the home page).

Your Lunar Return is the exact moment in time each month your natal moon (at birth) returns to the same exact degrees and minutes as when you were born. It is an accurate map of the planetary energies happening for you personally each month. Understand how these surprises, twists & turns, opportunities & obstacles that lie ahead affect you personally. Being a Moonchild (Cancer) I find working with this energy invaluable.

Eva Starr, a practicing Astrologer since the 70s, studied under Pat Geisler, is a member of LCAA, OPA, SDAS&AFA. Starr’s writings and horoscope columns have been published from coast-to-coast. Born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer, Aries rising, and Leo Moon, she captures you with her dramatic flair, stimulates you with her wild enthusiasm, yet touches your heart with an undeniable warmth.


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