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"Traditional Timing Techniques: Zodiacal Releasing" with Julene Louis, 4 lessons start February 25th

Zodiacal Releasing is a Hellenistic time lord technique that is passed down to us through the work of Vettius Valens. The zodiac signs are "released" beginning with the sign of the Lot of Fortune or Lot of Spirit depending what you are examining in the chart - health, vitality and matters of the body (fortune) or action, direction and matters of the mind (spirit). This is used to find peak periods in life when a sign becomes activated for a number of years at the main level, giving a main theme for that period. This can be further refined to sub-themes that run for a number of months and days at the secondary and tertiary levels. Wk 1: understand what zodical releasing is and the interpretive factors to condsider for each sign period. Famous examples used. Wk 2: using your charts to work with the technique. Wk 3: discussing sub periods and "loosening of the bonds" which occurs in the sub periods of certain signs. Famous examples used. Wk 4: using your charts to work with sub periods.
4 lessons $100 ($30 individual lesson)
Thursday at 7 - 8:30 PM EST starting February 25th
Taught by Julene Louis, ISAR-CAP, Jyotish Visharada


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