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Cancelled! Sunday Workshop "Sensitive Points in a Chart" with Victoria Smoot: Sunday May 23rd

Have fun with an assortment of sensitive placements in your chart such as: Retrogrades, Stations, Critical degrees, and more, each explained with background, examples, and basic info. Then we compile them in a table of these for understanding some things and patterns not immediately revealed by delineating the standard placements of planets in their signs and houses. Make a tool to go with your research of your own and clients’ charts. *bring your ephemeris. Member $47/Non-Member $52 (register and pay on the home page).

Victoria Smoot has more than 40 years of study and professional practice, as an ISAR.CAP and an OPA Certified Professional. With a Masters degree in teaching English ESL, she specializes in promoting full literacy and fluency of the Astrological language for self-development of life's meaning and purpose through teaching, consulting, training in Consulting Skills, writing, and editing ISAR International Astrologer as its Editor.


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