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Sunday Workshop: August 21st 11 AM to 4 PM Rectification – Finding the Ascendant

Sunday Workshop: August 21st 11 AM to 4 PM

Willoughby Hills Community Center and online Rectification Workshop – Finding the Ascendant

Bring your own charts to rectify, We will use physical appearance, parents, siblings and other attributes to select the two or three most likely ascendants. You will also need 2 photos ages 20 to 30 facing directly at the camera. (passport or school photo would do) Registration is open on our website $52/member, $57/non-member or send check to LCAA c/o Robert Dickow 6980 Mill Rd. Brecksville, OH 44141 ($50 and $55 by check, respectively);

pack a brown bag lunch

Mj Patterson, BA BSc, BEd, MEd, CA-NCGR-PAA is Director of the Halifax Astrology School, founding Director of the Atlantic Professional Astrologers' Association and ISAR Global Director for Canada. She co-convenes the Northern-Stars Astrology Conference. Specialising in rectification, with clients worldwide, Mj teaches and consults in French, Spanish and English in person, through her weekly radio show ( She remains

always a grateful student of M. Axel Harvey of Montréal.


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