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LCAA October Workshop - Sunday October 25th at 11 AM - 4 PM on Zoom

October 25- Workshop:

How do Charts Line up to Show Connections?

11 AM- 4 PM ET; $45 (+ PayPal service fee).

We will start by analyzing the individual natal chart to understand how a person sees relationships. What are the expectations? What attracts a person to someone else> Where is the magic? Let’s look at the elements for clues. We will also look at some midpoints that show attraction. How do we compare two charts? What techniques give us the most insight? Where does each person in the relationship have the most impact? What are the “Nails” that hold a relationship together over the long haul? Next, let’s look at the blessings and challenges in a relationship that bring the most growth. We will study the aspect grid to understand the strongest energy patterns. Lastly we will study the composite chart using two different methods. We will look at the standard Composite and compare it to the Davidson Composite chart.

Pamala Gallagher, certified by ISAR-CAP, is founder of Midwest School of Astrology, an ISAR affiliated school in Cincinnati and has been a professional consulting, and teaching astrologer for over 40 years. She is the author of “Becoming Your Sun Sign: Growing from your Moon to your Sun”, published in 2019.


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