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LCAA Monthly Meeting May 24th at 7:30 PM on Zoom

Ancient Egypt, Sacred Geometry and the Stars When we see pyramids, tombs, and temples left by ancient Egypt, we are looking at encoded core principles of cosmology, astrology, and our Western civilization. The Teachings of Pythagoras hold the key to seeing the system of thought reflected in the masterpieces of Egypt. This lecture is to introduce you to the numeric and geometric principles that Pythagoras studied for 22 years in ancient Egyptian temples, within all that is implied and still evident there.

Victoria Smoot has more than 40 years of study and professional practice, as an ISAR.CAP and an OPA Certified Professional. With a Masters degree in teaching English ESL, she specializes in promoting full literacy and fluency of the Astrological language for self-development of life's meaning and purpose through teaching, consulting, training in Consulting Skills, writing, and editing ISAR International Astrologer as its Editor.

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