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LCAA Mini-workshop: September 27th, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM on Zoom $25

September 27, 2020: Zane Stein "Chiron" Online Mini Workshop 10:30 AM –12:30 PM ET

Chiron: Hands on Healing- The name Chiron comes from the Greek word for ‘hand’, the same root word drawn upon for the hands-on medical discipline Chiropractic. We are all wounded, and our wounds are very personal, and need a hands-on touch to help heal. Zane will first look at Chiron in the charts of a couple well-known individuals, and talk to them as if they are there in the room with us; Then, depending on the number of attendees, readings will be given to everyone or by lottery. Price $25 Registration on our website or Call Bob Dickow at 440.915.1065

Zane B. Stein pioneered research into Chiron, and and is considered the leading authority on the minor planet. His book, "Essence and Application: A View From Chiron", is still the most widely read text on the subject, and he has just published a new book, “Chiron – Healer and Wholemaker” which picks up where the first book left off and has been called a “Chiron manual for the Twenty-first Century.” Zane is currently seeking to unravel the meanings of other Centaurean bodies and the Trans-Neptunians. He began studying astrology in 1969, and has shared his astrological knowledge giving lectures throughout the USA, in Canada, Great Britain and Ireland. He has also lectured throughout Australia, where he now lives with his partner Lynette Malone, who has opened a school of astrology in the Perth area. He can be reached by e- mail at:

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Will there be a recording? I will sign up but cannot attend.

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