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Introduction to Vedic Astrology with Julene Louis: 8 weekly meetings starting on Wednesday April 13

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

LCAA – online via Zoom

8-week course

$30 per class or $200 for all 8 weeks (allowing $30 for week 1 to try it than $170 due by week 2)

Wednesdays 7:15 – 9:00 PM

Begins April 13

Description: This course will teach the foundations of Jyotish while giving you enough to practice reading charts at a beginning level. In order to enable you to work with Vedic charts at the end of this course, you have to get the lesson before class so we can work with the concepts durring our ninety- minutes together in class. Therefore, you will have access to an online classroom where you will find the video presentation of the power point to watch before class (it will be available a week in advance) along with the notes from the power points that you can print as “cheat sheets” for all the new things to memorize. Then in class we will work with your charts so you take the theory of the lesson into actual chart reading.


Week 1 - 4/13: Vedic Philosophy Relative to Chart Reading

This week we learn how to read the diamond and square charts and the special meaning given to the ascendant sign. The four aims of life - dharma, artha, kama and moksha – give an additional overlay to the meanings of the signs and houses. The gunas or states of matter – rajas, tamas, sattva – give additional meanings to planets and signs.

Week 2 – 4/20: The Grahas – Planets

Planets mean basically the same thing but there are additional considerations. Planetary camps and natural and temporary friendships that tell how planets get along with each other which is used for the interpretation of aspects. Also we look at planets that indicate the various doshas or Vedic temperaments – vatta, pita, kapha.

Week 3 – 4/27: The Rashis – Signs

How the gunas, doshas, and four aims of life figure in with the signs in addition to the element and modality we are used to. The dignities work the same for rulership, exaltation but there is only one sign of debility and friendship with the dispositor plays a role in the dignity of a planet which quantifies the result a planet is capable of giving.

Week 4 – 5/4: The Bhavas – Houses

This is where we find the most difference with what things belong to which house. Plus, Vedic astrology categorizes the houses in very different ways. And we’ll discuss which planets are best and most troublesome for each of the 12 ascendants.

Week 5 – 5/11: Bhava Lords & Various Planetary Strengths

The nature and influence of house lords, how some planets make yogas for some ascendants based on the combination of houses they rule. We will look at Shad Bala the six strengths of the planets and the avasthas, various states, of the planets to see how well the house lords perform and quantify the results of their houses.

Week 6 – 5/18 Aspects & Divisional Charts

Vedic astrology does aspects differently. Also a chart is typically analysized from the ASC (birth chart) Moon (turned to 1st house) and the Navamsa (most important divisional chart). This gives a deeper view of the houses and additionally any area of life imaginable can get extra analysis from its particular divisional chart.

Week 7 – 5/24: Yogas

Using our knowledge of aspects we take the next step to look at many yogas (planetary combinations) and their meanings. There are some for status, wealth, knowledge, and many, many, things! Yogas or combinations can arise in various ways. Once we find the Yogas we will return to our knowledge of planetary strength (shad bala) and state (avastha) to determine how much the yoga is expected to produce.

Week 8 – 6/1: Dashas – Planetary Periods

Here we look at the planetary periods and sub-periods to determine which parts of the chart are being activated and which yogas are coming to fruition.

Instructor Bio: Julene Louis hold professional certifications in both Western and Vedic Astrology. She has been teaching astrology for 22 years and Vedic astrology for 7 of them. She has mentored students to pass Vedic certification exams and is currently on the leadership team at the American College of Vedic Astrology.


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