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Easy Math: Astrological Chart Calculation, 8 classes (5+3 blocks), starting on Tuesday October 4th

Easy Math: Astrological Chart Calculation

Olga Rozzell, PhD, Dipl IAA, CAP-ISAR

Calculating a horoscope by hand is not only a requirement for getting a certification to become a professional astrologer by many astrological organizations but also a key to deeply understanding the meaning of parts and pieces of a chart.

In this 8-classes (5 basic + 3 continuing), we will discuss the systems of space and time coordinates, calculations for the positions of planets, angles and houses cusps, and the math of lunar phases, aspects, progressions and directions, lunar returns, composite and relocated charts. The students will find out that a chart calculation involves very simple basic math but advanced logic. The 1.5-hour lessons will take place on Zoom once a week on Tuesdays starting on October 4th at 6 PM.

Lesson 1. Required materials. Time and space.

Lesson 2. Ephemeris and Sidereal time.

Lesson 3. Zodiacal positions and declination of planets.

Lesson 4. Angles and house cusps.

Lesson 5. Practicum: calculating a chart from scratch.

Lesson 6. Lots, midpoints, Lunar phases, Aspects.

Lesson 7. Progressions and directions.

Lesson 8. Solar and Lunar returns, composite chart, relocation chart.

$150 total for the block of lessons 1-5 and $90 for lessons 6-8.


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