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Sunday March 22nd: Julene Louis "Annual & Monthly Profections Workshop"

Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 11 AM – 4 PM

Willoughby Hills Public Library: 35400 Chardon Rd, Willoughby Hills, Ohio, 44094

This simple Hellenistic technique is powerfully accurate for making yearly predictions, timing the month they will happen, and for using astrology to make your life easier! Profections are a house for a year technique with a secondary layer of a house for a month. It involves planets that become Lord of the Year and Lord of the Month. Analyzing the condition of planets in your natal chart helps you to decide the best months to accomplish your yearly goals. What are the challenges? Is help available? And is the challenge or help promised in your natal chart or is it coming via transits? In the workshop you will learn how this technique can be used for making & timing predictions and also helping you to find the best time to go after your goals or the things you want in life. IMPORTANT: This is a hands-on workshop. We will be working with your charts. Please email your birth data to Julene via so she can bring your chart along with a printout that shows the movement of your Profected Ascendant from your birthday in 2017 to 2022. This way you can see how it works for past events and what is coming up for you in the next two years. Julene Louis, ISAR-CAP, Jyotish Visharada, CVA, has been a professional consulting and teaching astrologer for 20 years. Her practice includes client consultations and private tutoring in Modern Western, Hellenistic and Vedic Astrology. Passionate about the night sky, she writes the Sky Watch column for The Mountain Astrologer and co-founded the Sky Astrology Conference the next one will take place July 16- 19, 2020 in Moffat, CO.🏞 Register Today! 11 am- 4pm (hour break for lunch) All Welcome~ Member $45 Non-Member $50


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