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Astrology 101: Back to the Basics - Learn how to use Ancient Universal Wisdom in your Modern Day Lif

Six-week course intended as an introduction to astrology’s fundamentals

When: Friday Nights Beginning February 8th through March 15, 2019, 7-9 pm

Where: Grid of Knowledge

6505 Rockside Road Suite 333

Independence, Ohio 44131

Week 1: Sky to Paper: Construction of an Astrology Chart

Week 2: Planets, Signs, and Houses associated with Aries, Taurus, & Gemini

Topics: Branding yourself, How you handle money, How you communicate

*Special Relationship Valentine’s Rose Night

Additional class time added for Astrological Compatibility Tips and Q&A

Cleveland Spin: #clevelandsingles

Week 3: Planets, Signs, and Houses associated with Cancer, Leo, & Virgo

Topics: Your need for emotional security, Your creative expressions, Perfecting your trade

Cleveland Spin: #clevelandsports

Week 4: Planets, Signs, and Houses associated with Libra, Scorpio, & Sagittarius

Topics: Masculine & Feminine, Kundalini energy, Your spiritual belief system

Cleveland Spin: #clevelandrenaissance

Week 5: Planets, Signs, and Houses associated with Capricorn, Aquarius, & Pisces

Topics: Building blocks to our dreams, Revolutionary visions, Oneness with all beings

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Week 6: Putting it all together: Discussing our own astrological charts

$120/All 6 Classes $25/individual

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Questions: Contact LCAA or Angie directly at

Your Instructor: Angie Agnoni is your quintessential Aquarian who began investigating astrology in 2009. Supported by the curriculum of Ena Stanley, Julene Louis, and Lee Lehman, PhD, she received her diploma from The International Academy of Astrology. Her extensive studies revealed universal codes and the cipher for making sense of an individual's unique destiny. She received invaluable guidance along the way from esteemed researchers, Pam Gallagher, Marie McGovern, Derec Julian, and several other prolific pioneers. Angie considers herself a cheerleader for astrology, intent upon awakening minds to the possibilities its true understanding will offer our future.

She resides in Northeast Ohio as a member of Lake County Astrological Association available for teaching, consulting & clarifying the circumstances that strengthen compatibility and creativity between individuals.

Her free time is devoted to exploring foreign cultures, art, tarot, yoga, and dance.

She is a true itinerant spirit who loves to travel when she's not stuck in the intersection of science & religion. On any sunny day, you can find her on, near, or bearing water.


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