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LCAA July Meeting

LCAA July meeting July 23rd 7:30 - 9:00 PM (doors open at 7:00) Members free, guests $10 Renie Brooksieker "Saturn In Capricorn: An Old Devil Transformed: In this lecture we will take a new different look at Saturn who had once been called Been called An Old Devil with a potential for it and our Transformation in this its current transit through its own natural sign of Capricorn We will explore how will Saturn in Capricorn be affecting us personally by taking a look at how it will be re-organization, and restructuring the 12 different houses and where Capricorn is in individual charts. Saturn returned to Capricorn in December 2017 and will be there until to March 2020, and then from July 2020 to December 2020 when it will them move into Aquarius for its next adventure. It was last in Capricorn February 1988 to February 1991. Many astrologers are anticipating and predicting this Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will be highly transformative if not extreme, even potentially very destructive. Each house in astrology governs specific areas of our lives, and of our personalities, and transits of Saturn will bring these areas up for “review”, re-organization, and restructure. During this transit Saturn will conjunct Pluto at 22° Capricorn and they together will dance will Jupiter also in Capricorn highlighting a particular area of our lives and charts To find out how Saturn in Capricorn is going to affect you the house where you have Capricorn in your natal chart will point to the area of your life which will come into focus. If you don’t know in which house you have Capricorn check out my article about how to read transits in the natal chart. Renie Brooksieker aka Renielle considers herself to be a “Transition Specialist“. Renie is a non- denominational Minister, Astrologer, , Reiki Master, RN; and an excited champion ofBringing Nature Within by utilizing a vast array of traditional and non-traditional Healing Modalities including trees and the cycles of the sun and moon in unique and imaginative ways, through a vehicle of unconditional love and harmony to help herself and others uncover and discover the wisdom of the heart and our place in the collective .


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